Santa Fe has a large number of excellent museums. Here you find the links to most of them:

A great list of all the museums


Historical and archeological sites

Here a few links to great historical sites:

Outdoor activities

If you like hiking, biking, skiing, fishing and horsebackriding you are coming to the right place. The Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness offer countless trails from the easy to the more strenuous. The

Rio Grande Gorge offers great fishing opportunities as well as rafting. And you certainly don't want to miss Tent Rocks

In winter you can go skiing in the Santa Fe Ski Area or drive a bit farther to the Taos Ski Area. If you are more into cross country skiing then the Valle Caldera might be the right place to go.

Or you can just stay on the fron porch or the balcony, put your feet up and enjoy the quiet, peaceful settings. At night, especially in winter you can see the Milky Way not as a candy, but as a real spiral galaxy right above you. Absoultely breathtaking.



Santa Fe has numerous events going on through the year and they usually attract a large crowd of people. A good place to start planning your stay around some of these events is here.